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Sipping champagne while on a gondola, and being "those" people at the airport with too much luggage, who then, in the middle of the airport proceed to put on as much clothing as possible in 30 plus degree heat trying to reduce the weight!

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The last stop of our journey! We are actually looking forward to getting to London now, and to stop living out of a suitcase! After a couple of weeks in the cooler weather it was a bit of a shock to be back in the heat of Italy! I hated our camping ground that we stayed at! The place was full of mozzies and our cabin was smaller than a jail cell, with a creaky bed that you could feel the springs through and not even enough room to lie our bags down! But there was a pool and it was cheap! We decided that tomorrow we would spend the whole day in Venice (camping ground was off the main cluster of islands). Then the next day we would relax around the pool and sort out our packing before heading off to the airport for London town the next day!

Grant_I_on_Gondola.jpg popping_the_champagne.jpg Venice was so beautiful!! I wanted to take photo's of every bridge and every building! There was a group of 6 of us exploring Venice for the day. We had been told that a map of Venice is useless and you are guaranteed to get lost, which we did, but getting lost in Venice isn’t a bad thing! After a gelato stop (Nutella flavoured…mmmm), we explored some of the mask shops, the handmade masks were so pretty, unfortunately we couldn’t buy one as it would just get ruined in the luggage. We decided to do a gondola ride down the canals! It was a dream! We bought some cheap champagne and plastic cups, found the best deal we could on the gondola trip and headed off. It was like being in a dream for 45 minutes! Relaxing on a gondola, floating down the Grand Canal, under the Rialto Bridge, drinking champagne...definitely one of the highlights of the trip! There were people waving at us from the bridges and people passing us in other gondola's wishing they had thought of the champagne idea!

Venice.jpg As we only planned to spend one day in Venice, Grant and I stayed out for dinner and Gelato...our last Italian pasta beore heading to the land of bangers and mash, soggy fish and chips and mushy peas!

The next day we relaxed by the pool, I caught up on my travel journal and we tried to pack for our 15kg limit Ryanair flight! Sadly the stein glass I stole from the Beer Hall in Germany had to go, as did the pint glass from Austria. All our toiletries went too. We packed our hand luggage as much as we could and were quite confident we would breeze through the 15kg limit at check in...how wrong we were!! That night we had our last meal with our new friends and said our goodbyes!

Off to the airport! We wern't too worried aobut being over the 15kg bag limit as we left Oz with 20kg, bought only a few things and that was in our hand luggage, we also took out our vacuum seal bags and carried them in our hand luggage and my vacuum seal bag weighed over 5kg's. So we get to check in and the worst happens, both our bags weigh nearly 20kg's! Now this is Ryanair, you get charged through the roof for any excess, so what did we do...we opened our luggage in the middle of the airport and started putting on clothes!! Yes in the middle of the airport in over 30 degree weather, I had on a cardigan, jumpers, a coat, I stuffed socks into my coat jacket, my shoes also went in the pockets, everyone was staring at us and the airport staff were having a chuckle! Taking out as much as we could we went back to the scale...18kgs still!! But I think our embarrassing display gained some sympathy from the check in lady and she let us through...thank god! So with all our layers on, hand luggage loaded up, we made it on the plane and headed off to London...yay!!!!!!!

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