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Nice, France

Nice, St Tropez, Canne and Monaco! The glitz and glam of the French Meditteranean!

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Irish_Pub_in_Nice.jpgNice_at_Night.jpgToday we finally left Italy! We loved Italy but were looking forward to a change of scenery. The drive into Nice was awesome, the view of Monaco was fantastic! Our first night in France was spent at an Irish Pub, which felt a bit strange but it was a fun night out with the busabout group. A bunch of us decided to head to Canne tomorrow for a daytrip.

Canne_Crew.jpgSo a group of about 10 Australians made their way to Canne struggling with all the signs and ticket machines being in French! Crammed on the train to Canne, one of the girls started singing John Farnham saying it reminded her of home then bizarrely one of the other girls with us had John Farnham songs on her phone! So here we were on a train playing and singing Johnny with every French person on the train thinking who the hell are these freaks! First stop in Canne was the beach, that actually had sand not pebbles!!! Mind you the sand was pretty shelly but it was still sand! After spending the morning at the beach we went for a walk up the main drag. These people live in a different world! The cars were just unbelieveably, I couldn't even imagine what I would see in Monaco after the richness of Cannne. It looked like a storm was coming over so everyone went back to the train station but Grant and I decided to keep walking, then of course we got caught in the rain!

Uno_in_Nice.jpgBack in the hostel we stayed up playing UNO in the common room, it was until I left the room I realised how noisey our UNO game had become! The number 1 thing to bring when backpacking around Europe is a deck of cards! Something we now know for next time.

The next day we had a cruise to St Tropez. On the cruise we had free alcohol of beer, wine and the Captain's Rum punch. Well the punch was disgusting and the wine wasn't much better. The cruise took us past all the houses of the rich and famous, we had a tour guide to told us stories of who lived where, we took photo's of all the houses and I can't remember a single person who lives in any of them!

Day 3 was Monaco!!! We met some of our new friends and headed off for the day. Living the backpacker life and all looking a bit feral we decided to pull out the one good outfit we had all brought with us and dressed up a little for the occassion! Arriving at Monaco's train station we were impressed with the marble floors and bins in the station, Grant even commented that is was marble-ous, yes he was on fire that day! We headed straight to the harbour to see the boats of the rich that were ridiculously huge! Then we tried to find the casino. Well it wasn't hard to find with all the extremely expensive cars parked out the front and cruising around it...Ferrari's, Bentley's, Rolyes Royces, Masarati's...not a bmw in sight, beamers just don't cut it in Moncao. Anything less than a Ferrari and you're not cool! Casino_in_Monaco.jpgGrant_I_in..harbour.jpgWe went into the casino, not knowing if we could afford to play anything. The casino was alot smaller inside than I had imagined but it was beautiful, full of extravagant chandaliers, artwork and statues. We could only afford to play the pokies, all the tables had 25 euro hit minimums...considering our budget was 60 euro a day we decided it would be safe not to play! There was one lady in the casino, I have no idea who she was but she had her own area roped off at the pokies, her own security guard, a box full of coins and was slapping away! She was old and wrinkly, extremely thin and hunched over the machine, covered in gold jewellery, she obviously had a lot of money and was slapping her days away!!

Grant_in_Ferrari.jpgSo that afternoon in what is the highlight of the month of travelling for Grant...he drove a ferrari around Monaco. He also slipped the guy who sits in the passenger seat some cash so that he could fang it down a straight without the boss knowing! He had his 15 minutes of fame driving around in the Ferrari with tourists taking photo's of the car. We realised that when we were taking photo's of the ferrari's driving around it was probably of a tourist who paid for the drive!

Nice_Beach.jpgDay.4 we actually spent in Nice! We have been daytripping to all the places around Nice that it was time to actually see Nice. We went for a bit of a walk but spent most of the day on the pebble beach. The beach was crammed, and with the usual crowd of topless, old, too tanned, wrinkly ladies with bleach blonde hair! Grant was disappointed that all the European women who went topless were old! The water was nice but the pebbles/rocks were hard on the feet. I tried to get in the water but slipped so decided to sunbake instead. Eventually I did make it in the water only to struggle getting back out, making a fool of myself slipping over! Apparently the crepe started in Nice, so we had crepes for lunch! I had a huge banana and Nutella crepe probably not what you should eat for lunch but it was so good!

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